Sources and Other Reading

There is a great deal of #Information floating out there. You can not rely on anything to be accurate and must vet every shred of it. Memes are usually the worse for #TruthDistortion.

Always #FollowTheMoney, use #OpenSecrets


Fact Checking sites, Snopes is for Dopes

Most Fact checking have a lean or bias, use caution relying upon them , there is a difference between #Truth and #TrustedSource.

Most #WokeFolks know #Snopes is not always correct or #Trustworthy, the #Saga there is 1 that should be researched.

Here are a few others to be cautious with when researching or posting a citation or #fact #Verification. These have that truth distortion factor at times and have a left leaning bias and are often used to make #DNCShills points.

Media Matters(#MMFA), #ShareBlue, #CorrectTheRecord, Etc. – founded by David Brock, Hillary’s Goebbels and the guy who pays trolls on facebook. #BrockSuckers

Politifact – operated by the Tampa Bay Times, a Clinton donor and endorser.

FactCheck – operated by Wallis Annenberg, a Zionist POS close to Hillary Clinton and her buddy Netanyahu.